1. How to purchase Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin


You can sign up an account at the following exchanges, and from there you can purchase Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies using your debit card and/or bank wire transfer. They will likely require standard KYC documentation, however once that is provided, the process is smooth, safe, and easy.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up all over the place. Just deposit your cash into the ATM, and then scan the code on the screen with phone's Bitcoin wallet scanner, found in whichever exchange/wallet ended up choosing from above, and the funds will appear in your Bitcoin wallet. https://coinatmradar.com is a search tool that will find a nearby Bitcoin ATM.

Peer 2 Peer

With an account at either of these peer 2 peer sites, people can purchase Bitcoin from others using a number of different payment methods, such as PayPal, Debit Card, Amazon Gift Cards, and more. Choose the currency that you wish to purchase, like Bitcoin, and the method of payment, and from there you can begin to browse the various sellers and their terms. Please beware, sellers will often mark-up the value of their products to be higher than face-value.


2. How to deposit at Gossip Slots using your Bitcoin

To deposit using Bitcoin, log into your Gossip Slots account, go to the cashier, choose Bitcoin as your deposit method and the amount that you want to deposit, and hit Next. At this point a Bitcoin address will be generated on the screen, as well as a QR code.

Once you have the generated the Bitcoin address and QR code, log into your Bitcoin exchange wallet (like Kraken.com mentioned above), go to the section labled "Send", and either paste the Bitcoin address generated on Gossip Slots, or scan the QR code with your mobile phone. Double check the amount, and then complete the send. Once you complete the send, the funds should be received within a matter of minutes and your Gossip Slots account will be automatically credited.

Bitcoin Withdrawals

Once you are ready to receive a FREE Bitcoin withdrawal, please just submit the amount and method of Bitcoin on the website, and then contact our support team with a Bitcoin address to send the funds to, which you can generate from your wallet's "Receive" section. We will have the funds sent over to you in a jiffy!

3. Benefits of using Bitcoin

There are many benefits to using Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that people all over the world are starting to realize. Here are a few key points that we find relevant in recommending this fantastic solution to you:

  • Fast Transactions - Bitcoin transactions take a matter of seconds to send and receive, unlike the banking system that takes days to receive a wire. The technology behind Bitcoin is far superior to any banking system in existance; it is easier to use, and much faster.Cheap - The current miner's fees being charged on Bitcoin are extremely low, and receiving one payout per month with Gossip Slots is Free! Save yourself in bank fees and exchange loses.
  • Cheap - The current miner's fees being charged on Bitcoin are extremely low, and receiving one payout per month with Gossip Slots is Free! Save yourself in bank fees and exchange loses.
  • Usage - Did you know that you can use Bitcoin to shop on Amazon and OverStock, book hotels on Expedia, and buy plane tickets on CheapAir? Well you can! There are many ways to use your Bitcoin these days, and the number of merchants accepting it as payment grows by the day!
  • Privacy - With your password protected wallet/exchange residing on your phone, and your app locked to a secret key phrase, your Bitcoin account is as secure as could be. Unique transaction addresses and blockchain technology make hacking Bitcoin transactions impossible.